First time succesfully getting a lift.

Special hitching spot outside Amsterdam.

Stick the thumb out, see where you get taken (by forces seen or unseen), write about it… That’s where this blog aims to embark on. Gracefully, majestically, and always needing a shower… some documented travel expeditions, some other jarble. Though at the moment of writing I am not travelling, I have some thoughts on previous travelling stints and other interviews with people I’ve met along the way, travelled with, gotten in contact with… I’m not particularly trying to prove anything with this blog, but if someone reads it and gets a zest for travel, then I’ll feel I’ve accomplished maybe something with it. To motivate someone to hit the road would bestow upon me what I imagine Kerouac felt when I read On the Road for the first time.

There was nowhere to go but everywhere… – Kerouac

Sitting on an open boxcar somewhere outside of Buffalo, NY.

Sitting on an open boxcar somewhere outside of Buffalo, NY.

I had already read the fine work of On The Road, being it an electronic version, but in Budapest on my travels I had a yearning to read it again, so I got a lovely paperback that got covered in oil, mustard, water and who knows what else. The main reason though, in my eyes, was that when the road became hostile, one only has to read a passage from the book at random and zeal and enthusiasm spring back to life. Though last summer I was in America (the book being probably my most prized possession), I felt like another lovely lady I met needed it more, her wanting to travel too. To depart with that copy of the book, which had come so far, was wonderful and beautiful. I hope she got as much joy out of it as I did.

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road. – Kerouac

Busking outside a Target in Chicago looking dank.

Busking outside a Target in Chicago looking dank.

This blog covers as many aspects of travel as I see them relevant, organic and true. Anyone can read about hotels and such, but have you ever caught fleas in West Virginia? Everyone has seen the Eiffel Tower, but you ever hop a freight train? From hitch hiking to hopping trains to spending a few days on a modified school bus, I try to cover enough points of travel to give you something new while at the same time relatable. My love for travel will hopefully generate and irritate something inside you; call it soul. (One last steretypical quote) As Robert Johnson said…

I got ramblin’, I got ramblin’ on my mind…

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