Travelling Kid Interview 1

Introduce yourself:

My name is Simone, I’m an Italian travelling videographer. Before that happened, I was simply travelling, moving from one place to another.

How do you travel about? Hitch hiking or…?

Any form is ok, and I like to walk too.

Why did you start travelling?

I thought if you want to go somewhere, just go.

Do you travel mostly solo or do you road dog with someone?

"I thought if you want to go somewhere, just go."

“I thought if you want to go somewhere, just go.”

Mostly alone, with few exeptions. You meet new friends along the way.

Are you currently travelling right now?

Yes, I move from one job to another as a videographer. I thought it would be interesting making videos on the road as well, trying to catch that feeling. Right now I’m inside a teepee tent in Central Portugal, editing a report in the middle of the woods. Things like these. I have travelled without money, too. That’s an interesting way to do it. You reinvent the wheel, but at least it will be your own wheel. Then you’ll work the land, join other peoples needs, communicating… I guess that’s what working and money is about. I have been travelling since 2005.

Did you think it would be easier or harder than it is now before you set out?

I don’t know. Some days are harder, but you get use to it and you don’t worry anymore. You know it will pass. And you know more about coincidences, and some problematic times bring you to some forms of happiness after all. So, you have to remember that and go on.

Do you think the love of adventure and freedom is addictive?

I guess. Once you learned how to walk, you walked, since you where a child. It’s normal, I don’t even think about it, if you know what I mean.

Do you travel just for the love of travel, or to get somewhere?

I travelled mostly without a direction for many years, but now it’s about making documentaries.

"... just live and face life without wanting to change or prove yourself..."

“… just live and face life without wanting to change or prove yourself…”

While moving about, do you find it exhausting trying to communicate in foreign languages?

No, it’s ok. Sometimes I even go somewhere only to learn a new language.

Do you think travel is a form of education?

Absolutely the best university.

Has travelling changed your views on people? How about changing your views on your own life?

YES. I thought things were the worst before. In both cases.

Do you prefer cities or the countryside, or a healthy mix of either?

Cities are where you have people. The countryside has more “life” though.

Do you miss home much?

I don’t have a home anymore.

Has anyone you’ve met along the way changed your life?

All of them.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned from travelling?

Life gives you difficulties without you making any effort in creating them. So, just live and face life without wanting to change or prove yourself, or making your life harder. And, after that, it’s nice. And then it rains a lot. But if you’re prepared it’s not a problem.

Do you believe in love on the road?

Yes, why not.


You can catch Simone’s videography playlist over at

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