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4-chillinIntroduce yourself:

I am Martin from Buenos Aires, Argentina, although I have lived in other countries like Colombia and Israel. I am 32 years old. I studied Political Science in the University of Buenos Aires. I taught at the University for over seven years and I am also a writer. I’ve had things published in some anthologies and magazines. I also have a blog that is about intergenerational travel and social literature over at

Form of travelling?

I usually hitchhike. Right now I’m travelling through the Balkan countries. I’m currently in Macedonia but in two weeks I plan to be in Albania. This current trip started 9 weeks ago and I plan to be on the road for another couple of months.

Why did you start travelling this way?

I started travelling this way because it’s in my veins. I cannot stop travelling, hitchhiking, discovering new cultures, and in the meantime writing short stories.

Do you travel mostly solo or do you road dog with someone?

Tayrona, Columbia

Tayrona, Columbia

I always travel alone. I feel real freedom, though sometimes some loneliness which makes me sad, but this is how stories are born.

Any places stand out in particular?

I can say that Romania was a nice part of the trip because the hitchhiking experience there was one of the best. Also, Macedonia is good because I’m always discovering new and inspiring things. I always like being in Italy and this year I had an experience in the north travelling between 6 cities which was cool. The people there are the friendliest in Europe.

Do you think the love of adventure and freedom is addictive?

For sure it is, no doubt. Once you begin, you won’t stop.

Do you travel just for the love of travel, or to get somewhere?

I don’t ask myself those questions. I just enjoy the road and live life each day feeling the present moment as unique.

Hanging with truckers.

Hanging with truckers

While travelling, is it difficult to communicate in foreign languages?

I’m feeling for the first time how hard it is to travel when the drivers don’t understand other languages except their local one.

Could you (or would you) travel as a lifestyle?

I just do it every now and then without considering it a lifestyle.

While travelling, how do you make money?

Usually, I work a couple of months or years then keep on travelling. Sometimes I’ll do some internet jobs or stop to catch some extra money, then keep going. I’m hitchhiking now and using Couchsurfing so I can enrich my experiences while saving money.

Do you think travel is a form of education?

It’s a form of cultural exchange, the best one. You also learn geography better than in any school or university.

From the more recent trip.

From the more recent trip

Do you carry weapons?

No, not at all. I’ll never carry one, I’m against the use of them.

Has travelling changed your views on people?

Definitely. It’s a terrific way to open your mind and understand other ways of life.

Does it give you faith in humanity?

Yes, it does.

Do you prefer cities or the countryside?

No doubts nowadays I’d rather be in small cities or villages.

Do you find it difficult coming home after being on the road and settling down?

Sure. I hate the day I get back to “normal life”. I feel like a slave at home.

Do you have a favourite book on travel, or one you like to bring with you as you journey?

No, I don’t really. I don’t read travel books at all, just novels and short stories.

Have you a favourite travelling song?

Don’t think so, although every week some special song appears. Sometimes it’s one that reminds me of my family, friends, or even a former girlfriend.

What’s your dream in life?

I don’t have a special dream but to be a famous writer and keep on travelling while publishing my works.

Also the more recent trip

Also the more recent trip

What’s your dream for everyone in the world?

I am not original at all: peace between human beings.

Has anyone you’ve met along the way changed your life in any way?

There are too many and it would be unfair saying just one. I can say that for the first time in my life I feel the support of my family in my decision to travel, especially my mum.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned from travelling?

That people are, in essence, good.

What is your most prized possession that you travel with?

My backpack.

Do you believe in love on the road?

No, I do not.

What’s your next trip?

I have no idea. I think that Asia is calling me.

What’s next for you?

I have no plans but to start concentrating more on my written career.

Start early

Start early


All photographs come from the interviewee.

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